Monday, February 17, 2014

Lessons from The Olympics

Is your foodservice organization ready to annihilate the competition leading to the total destruction of their most profitable menu offerings?  
Creating the proper “supersport” attitude with advanced culinary-purchasing-operations teamwork the rocket science blackboard schematics of the New England Patriots.  

However, it does require the shot-out guts of USA Hockey star TJ Oshie and attention to 4 management areas that impact cost. 

Foreplay To Success    

Increase Supplier Performance – make sure your suppliers are meeting your objectives, don’t merely maintain the relationship – build it.

Reduce The Buying Cycle -- most suppliers no longer offer long-term pricing unless you take the risk, so streamline your bid process and focus on quarterly bids that generate even modest savings or cost-avoidance.

Cut Purchasing Costs and Overhead – lower operating costs by outsourcing where you don’t have on-staff staff expertise. If company-buying responsibility rests with the multi-tasking executive in the corner office who does many things “adequately”, ask your distributor if your prices are comparable with your competitors’.

Reduce Maverick Purchasing and Increase Control – increases spend management and control purchases - you will need to maximize every purchase dollar. 

Whose chain menu will reign supreme?

From the Sochi Olympic Stadium to Kitchen Stadium - Iron Chef, the lesson is the same...challenge your Gastronutritional and creative Team to gain the People's ovation and make your culinary-purchasing ROCK.  

Here are artistic creations spotted on slopes on the way to Russia!                                      


Breads, twists, wraps, nuggets


Haute Jewish Deli (amped up chicken liver, peppered pastrami; other - Beef potato chips, marshmallows & macadamia nuts, Asian-American comfort food (hand held)


Trendy ingredients (jerk, ABF chicken, Italian ham, fried avocados
Frittata, broccoli slaw, roasted, as pizza topping, and
Pizza oven-roasted cauliflower with whipped goat feta

Wraps With an Attitude


TO-GO "car cups"

Street food in a great wrap, taking it to the Food Court competition

Actually fits both Yugo & Mercedes cup holders, how about that:  holds finger foods from fried fish to whiskey butterscotch parfaits.

To Higher Profits!

Fred Favole is the Founder/President of Strategic Purchasing Services (SPS) and Chain-Link Culinary Services (CLCS); America’s most experienced consulting service for foodservice chains.  Contact information:  P: 912-634-0030